Perfect Gaming Headsets for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Gaming headphones are one of the essential accessories for both casual and professional players, and today we’ll see what are the benefits of getting a pair for yourself. We will also recommend a few possible options for anyone looking for a new headset.

Anyone playing video games needs a few things to succeed. Besides the most obvious ones, like the controller in the form of a mouse, keyboard, or a gamepad, there also comes the need to use a more or less professional gaming headset.

Having a pair of headphones always ready to be grabbed and used can sometimes come in handy, but why, exactly?

Become more efficient in FPS games and in competitive Esport titles

The most important benefit the pair of headphones gives is the real advantage over the other players in certain games. The difference is best seen in first-person shooters (FPS) or in similar 3D titles. This is because headphones allow you to more precisely locate the source of each incoming sound, so you can quickly turn in the right direction and act accordingly.

On top of that, good headphones allow you to hear things you can’t easily hear on speakers, for example – footsteps. Playing with speakers puts you in an unfavorable position, where you can be ambushed or surprised by players sneaking behind you or hiding in places you would least expect them. With good headphones, however, no rustle will go unnoticed, and your predator will become the prey.

Communicate with your team

Good headphones usually come bundled together with a microphone. This makes it much easier to play with other people in competitive games, where team communication is crucial for success. Typing your messages and pinging the map takes time which you could be spending on evading enemy missiles launched at you in League of Legends or DotA 2, or on securing the bombsite in  CS: GO – failing to quickly shoot when the enemy comes in sight may cost your team a match.

The alternative solution could be getting a separate microphone, but it’s not always a comfortable option. The standalone microphone takes valuable space on your desk, restricts your movements, and you need to be careful to not knock it over. You can’t deny the fact that getting a headset with a built-in microphone is just so much more convenient to use.

Keep it quiet

If you are not home alone, playing games without headphones may disturb the others and may annoy them. It won’t be surprising to hear roommates ask you to turn down the volume, especially when the night comes and they wish to sleep. This will greatly reduce your chances of succeeding – you won’t be able to hear the incoming danger anymore.

With headphones, you can still fully enjoy the game without disturbing the others. Put the headset on, turn on your favorite music, and continue the interrupted quest – now nothing will stop you from achieving victory.

Below we present you with some possible options of gaming headsets in various price ranges.

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